Motor Vehicle and Traffic Violations

Motor vehicle violations, or traffic tickets, can include anything from simple infractions all

the way to motor vehicle charges that can carry with them the possibility of jail time.


Don’t Just Pay a Fine

  • If you are paying a fine, whether in court or simply sending in a ticket guilty, you are pleading guilty to some sort of offense
  • Since you are pleading guilty when paying a fine, that plea of guilty may also result in a suspension of your license or privilege to drive in Connecticut

Serious Driving Offenses may entail Probation or Incarceration

Some offenses such as but not limited to Reckless Driving, Evading Responsibility, DUI, Operation Under Suspension and Criminal Negligent Homicide can include the possibility of incarceration and/or some period of probation.

Two ways to know if you are charged with a more serious motor vehicle offense:

  • You were officially arrested and taken into custody
  • You were given a court date right on your ticket from the police officer

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